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Senin, 07 Januari 2008

Various vacant positions

PT JAC Indonesia, a recruitment consultant. Our clients, a Procurement &
Construction / Property Management & Developer / Oil & Gas / IT &
Telecommunication Company in Jakarta is looking for suitable candidates to
fill the Manager / Assistant Manager positions:

A. Contractor / Consultant (Civil / Mechanical / Electrical / Architecture)

1. Project Manager (code A1)

2. Construction Manager (code A2)

3. Site Manager (code A3)

4. Quality Control / Assurance Manager (code A4)

5. Quantity Surveyor Manager (code A5)

6. Safety Manager (code A 6)

7. Engineering Manager (code A7)

8. Design Manager (code A8)

B. Building / Real Estate (Civil / Mechanical / Electrical / Architecture)

1. Building Manager (code B1)

2. Estate Manager (code B2)

3. Project Manager (code B3)

4. Operational Manager (code B4)

5. Maintenance Manager (code B5)

6. Facility Manager (code B6)

7. Business Development Manager (code B7)

8. Sales & Marketing Manager (code B8)

C. BTS / Telco Tower (Civil / Mechanical / Electrical)

1. Project Manager (code C1)

2. CME Manager (code C2)

3. SITAC Manager (code C3)

4. Survey & Design Manager (code C4)

5. Microwave Manager (code C5)

6. Quality Control / Assurance Manager (code C6)

7. Field Operation Manager (code C7)

8. Account Manager (code C8)


1. Holders of Diploma Degree (DIII) / Bachelor degree S1 / Master Degree S2
in Engineering or related background

2. Has a total 3 years of working experience for Assistant Manager & 5 years
of working experience for Manager

3. Has a working experience in the same or related position and field

4. Familiar with Engineering software's

5. Communicative in English

6. Willing to work in any area

7. Send your CV / Resume to

8. Please forward this advertisement to your relatives and friends

PT JAC Indonesia - Head Office

Menara Cakrawala (Skyline Building) 19th Floor

JL. M.H.Thamrin No.9 Jakarta Pusat 10340


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