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Kamis, 09 Agustus 2007

Fwd: [vacancy] REQ: VB Developer -- Massachusetts


I have an immediate opening in Massachusetts for a VB Developer. The hiring
manager wants someone to start on Monday and will hire over the phone. I
have included the job description below my signature. Please forward along
any consultants you have matching this requirement.


Business Development Manager,
Phone : (315)370-2299
Email :

Description of the effort: Develop several "waterfall" reports. These
reports will count applications through a series of statuses (Y-axis) over
time (X-axis). There will be multiple flavors of this report to reflect
business segments, application types, etc. Would like to automate
distribution of these reports as well.

Skills requirements: Visual Basic Development against an Oracle DB.
Familiarity with Windows / IIS environment. Strong documentation skills;
when they leave, we need to know how it was developed & be able to support


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