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Senin, 03 September 2007

Admin Project Officer

Gue lagi cari orang untuk posisi Admin Project officer sebagai pengganti gue di Join Project of UNICEF – DINSOS NAD – IPSPI. (Building the Capacity of the Dinsos to Deliver Child-focused, Community-based Child Protection and Social Welfare Services in Aceh)

Kebetulan gue ada project baru dengan USAID jadi project ini gue tinggalkan. Tolong ya kalo diantara kalian ada yang punya teman, saudara memenuhi criteria dibawah ini:


· Minimum D3 Secretary with more than 3 years professional experience preferable in an international environment

· Be able and comfortable to work in English and Indonesian, including drafting letters and notes and occasional translation or interpretation.

· Be computer literate (Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point)

· Be highly motivated, dynamic and eager to learn, be organize and set priorities.

· Be able to liaise with other organisations

· Be willing to do some routine filing and having sense of initiative

Job Description:

a) Data and information documentation

b) Keeping the process of all activities planned and implemented in both Jakarta based resource centre and services sites in Aceh

c) Site visits to Aceh at least once a quarter

d) Assisting social workers in Aceh (at the 6 service sites) in administration management

e) Organizing activities of the resource centre

f) Organizing and coordinating an information meeting with other organizations

g) Coordination of all information dissemination

h) Networking with government, UN and NGO programs involved with child welfare

i) Compiling output of the activities in Aceh (province and districts)

Bagi yang berminat dan memenuhi criteria diatas harap segera mengirimkan cv with covering letter A.S.A.P ke :

Thank you.

Norma Melati

National Resource Center for

Safety-Focused, Family-Centered, Community-Based (SFFCCB)

Child Protection and Welfare Service)


c/o: STISIP WIDURI 4th Floor

Jl. Palmerah Barat No.353 Jakarta Selatan 12210

Phone: 08121078477


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